CANCER FREE and Disease Coaching Concierge Subscription – Be On Your Way To Establishing Your Journey to Achieve Radiant Health – 3 Weeks Concierge In Home Service Subscription


Our goal is to meet the demand of those desiring to learn these health and wellness recovery secrets—with better health alternatives, enhanced food and wellness products by re-education of lifestyle diet, and emotional/mental reprogramming changes. Offering proven and verifiable life-changing lifegiving formulas, Our health coaching strategies help your body and mind to work efficiently, celebrating and enhancing life instead of confusing and unbalancing the body, mind, and spirit…


Besides Sonia being an entrepreneur, she is a Certified Health Coach, a health supplement formulator, and the inventor of a whole superfood product that stimulates your immune system and activates an immune-compromised system back to optimal health. This invention/formulation alone makes millions of dollars and helps health researchers, health practitioners, scientists, virologists, and millions of auto-immune compromised people all over the world to improve their healing process ultimately and naturally from cancer and other issues.


Learn how to get rid of brain fog and activate your mind for achieving success with total health and wellness in living an A-Bun-Dace Cancer Free Life!




When healthcare institutions have given up on your health and they have either sent you home  just because they have run out of options or they are continuing  to treat you with no end complex disease management instead of offering healing protocols. These institutions throughout the world are increasingly stressed and have no time to help you, most affluent people are regularly not inclined to rely on these public medical systems.

Instead, you the affluent consumer are willing and likely to pay for the best health solutions for you or your family members to recover from Cancer or other immune compromised illnesses  and your willing to invest your resources in higher in home healthcare alternative that offer always exceptional standards of care, healing and recovery.

The term for this is concierge healthcare.

There are four basis models of concierge healthcare. The most basic version is “travel Health coaching assistance.” This is what we at Cancer Free Coaching offer!

A second option is “Private holistic health advisories” A third option is the “private physician practice.” This is essentially a doctor on an annual retainer to provide rapid call backs and a higher level of response. The fourth option in the mainstream medical arena is a “total care platform.” that includes all the services already noted plus a number of additional ones such as custom medical contingency plans and calendared longevity plans.


With us at Cancer Free Coaching we provide you Concierge services that offer longevity


Restore your body in order for you or your loved ones to get to experience radiant health!


Do you have Cancer or other immune-compromised diseases?

What is your health worth to you if you do not have quality of life?

Have the medical professionals sent you home to die?

Are you tired of being treated with complex disease management care that has no foreseeable  results?

If so, we together can change this outcome and get you back into the pink of radiant health with my vast knowledge of how to restore your body to health with our “Concierge travel health coaching assistance.”


  • Together we will get to the root cause of your symptoms that caused the out-picturing of your disease to manifest in your body.
  • This Concierge packages we offer for the affluent consumer is where we travel to you to provide you with multiple in home coaching packages that include the following options.


  • Included in your Concierge travel health coaching healing package:
  • Once our concierge coach of your choice arrives, they will outlay specific foods that you need to stay away from that your body has sensitivities to, or it’s plainly causing the disease to proliferate in your body.
  • Our concierge coach will test each of these food groups, supplements, and condiments you’re consuming to let you know which foods are killing you slowly (or even quickly)!
  • Together, you both will focus on diet and nutrition through food and superfood supplementation suggestions.
  • Together, you both will focus on detoxing the body with natural substances in a most gentle non-intrusive way with nutrient restoring foods and superfood supplementation suggestions.
  • We will co-create a “LIFESTYLE DIET CHANGE” as I like to call it because no one wants to be on a “diet.” Here, our concierge coach will coach you’re in home cook or chef on how to prepare simple, scrumptious healthy dishes or juices your body needs to restore itself back to health.
  • You we can co-create yummy 5-star easy-to-make menus since our concierge coach are Cordon Blue Chef trained as well as Raw Food Chef amongst many other culinary talents!
  • Our concierge coach will provide you with health detox protocols, as well as super whole food supplement protocols that Sonia has professionally formulated for your wellbeing to enhance your immune-compromised body.
  • In conjunction with connecting you with those of us who believe in letting “medicine be thy food, and food be thy medicine” by offering you options to high-quality whole food supplements, botanicals, homeopathic remedies, energetic tinctures, superfoods, and transformative essences that will not only boost your or your loved ones immune system but also assist in dissolving your Cancer or other health-compromising issues affecting your or your loved ones body!
  • All these coaching methods will enhance your healing and permanent assist in recovery from your disease if you commit to this “LIFESTYLE DIET CHANGE.” and voila! We clear it out of your body for good!
  • Our concierge coaches are certified quantum healing practitioners and if you ask, they will offer you sessions included in your package if so desired. Not sure what is offered feel free to ask what this is and how it works.
  • This coaching process one on one with our concierge coaches will enhance your healing and assist your body in permanently recovering from your disease(s) as long as you commit to this “LIFESTYLE DIET CHANGE.” and voila! We clear it out of your body for good!

Don’t hesitate; you have no more time to waist. The sooner you commit with investing in your choice of concierge coaching packages, the sooner you will be able to recover.

Once you commit by investing in the concierge coaching package that best fits your needs, we will arrive at your home and commence on your natural healing journey.

The more chance you will have of surviving this health challenge in thriving past your immune-compromised issues.

The sooner you will have a healthy lifestyle for you to enjoy having a quality of life for the remaining years you have left here.


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