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How to Heal your Cancer Naturally! Cancer Free Coaching

How to Heal your Cancer Naturally

Cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide, annual witnessed millions of people suffering from cancer. It is extremely serious because, at the moment, there have no specific treatments for this disease.

Facing and suffering cancer, why we have to be? In order not to get stuck into this harsh disease, many people interested in seeking something to help them break down the wall of this tough situation, including complementary and alternative cancer treatments.

CANCERCOACHING understands this hardship because a patient who lives and fights against cancer is definitely a superhero. So we want to contribute to lift them from the bad by being a companion of patients and fight against cancer together.

What we can do? It is cancer coaching together with tips and tricks during the fight against that evil disease, in other words, we help you know How to Heal your Cancer Naturally




  1. Balance Body and Mind

Cancer results in stress easily (both for people with cancer and their caregivers) due to the feeling of helplessness. The relationship between body and mind is complex, in other words, it is a complex organizational system operating inside yours and it is the tight connection between the body and mind. The mind getting stress will shape the action and energy on your body. In order to balance body and mind, relaxation techniques and body/mind practices play a significant role. It helps reduce the stress causing cancer and revise your ability.

Mind/body therapies like Yoga, Tai chi, Meditation is the greatest way to help you balance body and mind to cope with cancer.




  1. Physical activities

For many people, when you, unfortunately, get the illness, it’d better have a rest. But with cancer, taking a rest equal to lose your body function and increase the development of cancer cells.

Together with mind/body therapies, physical activities include walking, running, dancing, swimming regularly can help the inside body operate the immune system to limit that growth of cells, reduce depression and anxiety, increase energy and strength, reduce pain. Also, you can manage your weight because, in fact, overweight and obesity can put you at a high risk of getting cancer including endometrial, esophageal, liver, pancreas, and breast cancers.




  1. Superfood Nutritional Programs

According to the studies, superfood nutrition or a healthy diet is the key to prevent 30-50% of all cancers. It is really important to know whether the food you eat is good or bad related to your disease, what kind of food you should eat and what you should stay away because the food will most likely effect on healing, assist your immunity.

Below cancerfreecoaching would like to give you a summary guideline.

  • Eating too much of this certain food may increase cancer risk:

–        Sugar and Refined Carbs

–        Processed Meat

–        Overcooked Food

–        Dairy (fatty types)

  • Certain foods contain cancer-fighting properties

–        Vegetables

–        Fruits

–        Flaxseeds

–        Spices

–        Beans and Legumes

–        Nuts

–        Olive oils

–        Garlic

–        Fish

Creating a positive attitude to overcome your disease and a better lifestyle will set healthy boundaries around you. Health and wellness coaching is exactly a part of what we can do to help you achieve your best and highest self, life, and being.

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